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“Ded na si Lolo” as a movie. portrays how beliefs affect the living of a family in a community. So. p. characters are different when it comes to the observance of these beliefs.

Play, streaming, watch and download Ded na si Lolo video (), you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. One of the movie series in Sine Direk. It's directed by Sox. Best Motion Picture (Drama) – Kinatay Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) – Ded Na Si Lolo Best Director – Brillante Dante Mendoza (Kinatay).


The cast of Ded na si Lolo - includes: Gina Alajar as Mameng Mosang as Kapitana Arpee Bautista as Funeral House Perla Bautista as Pilar Noel Cabangon as Wake Singer Raini er Castillo as Jimmy Cesar Cosme as Sakla Player Nor Domingo as Funeral House Jess Evardone as Gustin John Feir as Sakla Player BJ Forbes as Bobet Dick Israel as.

A large family with lots of issues gather together to mourn the death of the family patriarch. But getting in the way of their genuine grief are a bunch of superstitions about the dead, and.

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