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ARCHIVED: With a BlackBerry, how do I create a distribution list?

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BlackBerry Messenger Groups: Start One Today!

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BlackBerry is a line of smartphones, tablets, and services originally designed and marketed by Canadian company BlackBerry Limited (formerly known as Research In Motion, or RIM). (RIM) was to cut hardware production costs by outsourcing this to Taiwan-based Foxconn Group.

Even though this is their most well rounded, most mature offering to date, Blackberry Smoke is still the newest kings of "southern rock".

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Enterprise Developer Groups These groups receive regular platform and program updates from BlackBerry, and have access to exclusive discounts, developer events, and conferences.

Blackberry Farm

In addition, BlackBerry will give visibility to the developer group’s achievements and help the group members to get in touch with potential customers and partners.

Updated: Enhanced Group Chat and Other New Features in Latest BBM Enterprise Update BBM Enterprise. PdaNet for iPhone Turn your iPhone into a WiFi router for your laptop!

Now also supports USB for Windows. PdaNet for Android. GroupMe brings group text messaging to every phone. Group message with the people in your life that are important to you. Chat with your groups online: Easily explore all the photos that have been shared to every group you are in.

Updated: Enhanced Group Chat and Other New Features in Latest BBM Enterprise Update

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Group blackberry
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