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Online Banking

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Notes on Internet Banking: Features, Benefits and Safety Measures

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Essay on Internet Banking

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Mobile banking

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Bugs for a precipice banking solution[ edit ] Key challenges in writing a sophisticated mobile banking chicken are: The list is not only. Commercial banking is the most important part of modern banking set up.

These days, the function of commercial banks are confined not only to advancing loans to the public and accepting their deposits, their contribution in accelerating the rate of economic development in under-developed and developing countries like that of India is very.

Making good study-notes plays a vital role in preparation for exam. It is better to write your study-notes in a note-book or a register, whose pages may not easily detached or removed. If you are using loose-pages for your making study-notes, you should have a folder for saving thee pages.

In such a case, you should also write page number. The banking services these days include issuance of debit and credit cards, providing safe custody of valuable items, lockers, ATM services and online transfer of funds across the country / world.

It is well said that banking plays a silent, yet crucial part in our day-to-day lives. Mar 13,  · Online banking (or Internet banking or E-banking) allows customers of a financial institution to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by the institution, which can be a retail or virtual bank, credit union or building society.

Online banking allows a user to execute financial transactions via the internet. Online banking is also known as "internet banking" or "web banking." An online bank offers customers just about. Write a short note on Bank in your own words Prof. Sayers defines the terms bank and banking distinctly.

He defines a bank as "an institution whose debts (bank deposits) are widely accepted in settlement of other people's debts to each other." In short, the term bank in the modern times refers to an institution having the following.

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