Writing a character profile

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When you begin your character profile/pitch, leave out your character's appearances, superpowers, and canon connections as long as you possibly can. Common, Yet Terrible Character Descriptors - And How To Fix Them (And Write Better Descriptions In General) When asked to describe their characters or when writing their character profiles, many people tend to use the same over-generalized descriptors over and over.

In written language, a logogram or logograph is a written character that represents a word or phrase. Chinese characters (including Japanese kanji) are logograms; some Egyptian hieroglyphs and some graphemes in cuneiform script are also logograms.

The use of logograms in writing is called logography.A writing system that is based on logograms is called a logographic system.

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Artist's Profile: Red Skelton ( - ) Bernard Richard 'Red' Skelton was born in Vincennes, Indiana on July 18,

Writing a character profile
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